Rescues Helping Rescues
Rescues Helping Rescues is a group dedicated to supporting no kill rescue groups, in a variety of ways.

We hope to form a bond between the different groups in the Lehigh Valley so that everyone can share resources, food, ideas or anything helpful to reach our common goal of helping animals.

List of all area shelter and rescue groups and their contact information
List of items on each rescue/shelter wish list
by group
Interactive forum for members to discuss anything animal related or to list items needed or items that are extra and can be shared
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Pet photos, event photos, fun photos
List of groups who provide spay/neuter in the valley
A log of what we have done
List of current  fundraisers in the Valley and animal related events
Rescues Helping Rescues
A subsidiary of Pike County Humane Society a 501c3
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Updates on local rescues/shelters and events around the valley

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Informational Links

Important, informational and fun Pet related links and tips

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Just an FYI: this group is no longer affiliate with Pike County Humane Society and we are no longer considered a 501c3 under their group or any other.

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